Ameer Tandoori Restaurant


Ameer Tandoori Restaurant has been serving its customers since 1985. Located in the heart of Essendon, Ameer is one of the finest Indian Restaurants in Melbourne which has collected numerous Awards for exceptional customer service and maintains a high standard of Indian Cuisines. The owners, Mr. & Mrs. Rehman believe in top quality customer service hence Ameer has a very family friendly environment.

Our professional and experienced staff members are committed to making our guests experience with us, one to remember.

We are proud to have you as our Guest and we are excited to offer you one of the ancient arts of INDIA – THE EXOTIC FOOD COOKED IN THE OVEN. This is no ordinary oven, it is preheated to cook meat and fish – marinated in yoghurt, special herbs and spices. The Indian Bread is slapped on the inside of the oven for baking.

MOGUAL-COOKING – The curries embrace the whole range of dishes each distinctly according to the type of quantity of freshly ground spices and herbs used in varying combination.

VEGETARIAN-COOKING – Is a class by itself, it includes Bhajis, Bhajias Samosas and a variety of other dishes each beautiful in its own way.

Please enjoy some of the specially selected dishes from India’s richly varied cuisine. They would open the door to a whole new world of flavor, fragrance and taste. The Oven has some simple treasures handed down from generation to generation. It can still be prepared today as it was centuries ago, in provincial district of The Northern India.

If you have any special dietary considerations please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Enjoy your meal


  • 2014 Australian Achiever Award – Highly Recommended for excellence in customer relations

  • 2014 Australian Business Quality Award

  • 2013 Indian Executive Club Award

  • 2000 Australian Achiever Award – Highly Recommended for excellence in customer relations